Thursday, February 13, 2014

An absolute monster of a release of Diagram A on Open Mouth Records

2 x LP
Gatefold with color insert

Diagram: A
"your object"

kind words from

"Diagram:A exists in the tendons that connect Western Mass basement dada, the psychedelia of repetition, sculpture, and an idiosyncratic sense of composition and space. It is the sound of electricity, systems connecting and breaking down. An expression simultaneously personal and inhuman. Gatefold 2LP in an edition of 250 with cover art by Bill Nace and insert art by Dan Greenwood."

you can get this at: Forced Exposure(US), Metamkine(France), Infinite Limits(UK)Experamedia

 RRRecords has it.. and has supported lots more Diagram A shrapnel over the years.. collect things 

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